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Leestown Coffee House 



Truly Great Coffee

Coffee and creativity are our passion.  From an early morning pick-me-up to a late afternoon latte, and everything in between, we have you covered.

Our beans are locally sourced, certified fair trade and organic.  All single use items are chosen with the environment in mind, even our plastics are compostable.  Our ingredients are the best we can find and many are made in house!  Leestown Coffee House is local, in every sense of the word.  Stop by for a taste of home you never knew existed.  

The Best Locally Sourced Ingredients


Our Beans

Beans are supplied from City Roastery (Georgetown, KY).  All beans are certified fair trade and organic.


The Water

Lexington's water is hard. We filter our water through an industrial Water Softener and Reverse Osmosis system. 


Eco Conscious

Everything that we offer is made with only the highest quality ecologically friendly materials. We also recycle & provide used ground for compost!

taste the difference.

Innovative Equipment

Slayer Espresso

Slayer LP 3 group is a top of the line espresso machine.  A multiboiler system allows temperature control to be maintained even during heavy usage.  Volumetric dosing as well as weight conversion keeps our espresso to water ratio accurate and repeatable.

Cold Brew

System designed/built by owner, fabrication done in Lexington allows large and small batches to be created with a much finer amount of control over the brewing process.


Mahlkönig E80 Supreme, E65s, and EK43 - All Grinders feature large diameter flat burrs ensuring a consistent grind resulting in a fantastic cup of coffee, every time.

Drip Coffee

Fetco XTS  CBS 2131XTS - Cascading spray dome and timed pulses ensures grounds are fully saturated at exactly the right time to give you a perfect cup.

Pour Overs

Hario V60 - A tried and true method for extracting the  defining notes from our high quality beans.

Our Story

The idea for Leestown Coffee House was born out of years of commuting to and from Lexington and noticing a lack of convenient local options for coffee.  Owners (design/quality engineer) Thomas Ward and (photographer) Bre Taulbee started renovations in March 2020, with plans of being open in May.  Covid-19 delayed those plans significantly but the Grand Opening finally took place on Oct 2-4, 2020. 

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